Current Patients

If you are a current patient of The Quay Dental Practice, you can still book online for your appointments, but the process is even easier!

Our new automated computer system will send you an email and text message when your 6 monthly check up is due. On the email and text message is a unique link to you. Clicking on this link will bring you to our appointment book where you will see all the available appointments for your dentist. If you normally see the hygienist and dentist on the same day, you will only see appointments where the dentist and hygienist appointments follow on from each other. Because the link is unique to you, your normal dentist and hygienist is automatically selected for you.

If you want appointments for different people/family at the same time, you will need to ring us as the system cannot yet link appointments.

If it has been more than 6 months since your last check up, then the computer system will not view you as a "current" patient and you will not be told by the practice that you are due a check up/ hygienist appointment. In that case, you will need to ring the practice and make the appointment. Following that, you will be reminded in a further 6 months, if you make an appointment then, another reminder will be sent in another 6 months, and so on. This system works best for patients who regularly attend their 6 monthly check ups.

The same is true if you forget to attend an appointment that was booked. The computer system may not pick you up and remind you that you are still due a check up. Again, in that case, please ring the practice.

In order for this to work, we need both correct mobile phone numbers and email addresses. If you think we might not have both, please just ring us and our receptionists will update your records.

Another new system we have is a "short notice list". For example, if you need a filling but there are no appointments available for a week, we will book you an appointment, but will also ask you if you would be interested in a "short notice appointment". If we have a cancellation, the computer system will automatically text the first person on the "short notice list". If the appointment offered is not convenient, just ignore the message and arrive for your appointment as previously booked. If you prefer the new appointment offered, just text back with the single word "book" (please nothing else as the computer gets confused!). The new appointment will be automatically booked for you, and the original appointment cancelled. If the system does not get a "book" reply after 5 minutes, it will text the next person on the list and so on. If the appointment gets booked, but later an earlier person (x) tries to book the same appointment, that person (x) will receive a message saying that unfortunately the appointment is no longer available. This stops more than one patient booking into the same appointment time.

Please bear in mind that this is an automated system, it will only look at last check up dates, and count forward 6 months (or whatever your normal recall interval is) If you have had an emergency appointment or treatment in the meantime, you will still be due a check up, as the dentist will not have done a full check up.

For emergency appointments please ring us.

We believe this system will make it much easier for our patients, who attend regularly, to book their appointments. The system is live 24/7.